New Golf Outing Sponsor:

LL Custom Contracting Inc.!

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Thank you to LL Custom Contracting Inc. for their generous donation to this year's golf outing! They have sponsored at the Heart of Gold Level. Come see them and all our other generous sponsors at this year's golf outing!

Working to Put a Smile On a Sweet Face

Over 700 blue duffle bags filled with all brand new items were delivered to Wayne and Monroe County this past year. We had so many people donate filled bags as well as the items we needed to pack more. So many volunteers helped out with this project which included area businesses, churches, and companies. 

Many children are welcomed into foster homes with only what they are wearing. A foster family doesn’t always have what that child needs when things happen quickly. Christy’s Legacy of Hope fills these bags with everything a child would need for 24 hours until their foster parents are able to get what is needed.

Diapers, formula, toys, and other essential items are also donated.


Just one of the many ways Christy’s Legacy of Hope works to put a little smile on a sweet face.


Christ with a Y on Sale Now!

Head over to Book Baby and pick up the newest copy of Christ with a Y by CLOH's own Karen DePriest and read the heartwarming story of the woman behind CLOH - Christy DePriest Wright

Link to Book Baby Found Here