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2021 Recap - Thank You!

So much has been accomplished in this last year for Christy's Legacy of Hope, and its all because of the support of you that we could do it all!

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DTE Foundation - Thank You!

Recently, Christy’s Legacy of Hope was nominated by two wonderful people. Kari Cappello and Warren Boswell, employees at DTE Energy, were very thoughtful to think of us.


A voting process took place online in which several $10,000 grants were to be given away through The DTE Foundation. We got the word out to all of our supporters and they voted continuously for several weeks. It was great fun and we cannot thank everyone enough for all the voting

that took place!


During the month of August,

we waited for an announcement

from DTE Foundation. To our

great surprise, Christy’s Legacy of

Hope was one of eight nonprofit

organizations that was awarded

$10,000! What a huge honor to

have been nominated and

then to have received this blessing.


Thank you DTE Foundation for this amazing grant! We can’t wait to use this money for something very special throughout the year.


The Lord is always doing great things through CLOH!

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Christ with a Y on Sale Now!


Head over to Book Baby and pick up the newest copy of Christ with a Y by CLOH's own Karen DePriest and read the heartwarming story of the woman behind CLOH - Christy DePriest Wright

Link to Book Baby Found Here

Working to Put a Smile On a Sweet Face

Over 700 blue duffle bags filled with all brand new items were delivered to Wayne and Monroe County this past year. We had so many people donate filled bags as well as the items we needed to pack more.

So many volunteers helped out with

this project which included area

businesses, churches, and companies. 

Many children are welcomed into

foster homes with only what they are

wearing. A foster family doesn’t

always have what that child needs

when things happen quickly. Christy’s

Legacy of Hope fills these bags with

everything a child would need for 24

hours until their foster parents are able

to get what is needed.

Diapers, formula, toys, and other

essential items are also donated.


Just one of the many ways Christy’s Legacy of Hope works to put a little smile on a sweet face.


Thanks For a Great Golf Outing!

This years golf outing was great! The weather was warm, but not too hot. There was a slight breeze, the sun was shining. This year we had 109 players, 110 if you count the two little boys that shared a spot. The “Downriver Hackers” brought their A game and won the overall prize and the entire skins pot. The raffle baskets and 50/50 were so great and brought in $3,160! We are so thankful for the individuals and businesses that donate the prizes! We are especially happy to share with you what this event means for Christy’s Legacy!

Our total raised for the outing this year was $12,780! This money will go towards our efforts of putting a smile on children’s faces in foster care. We have been busy helping fill the needs of children placed into foster care and hopefully giving them a little piece of comfort during a time that is uncertain.We are currently working on projects with many different like-minded organizations, like The Blue Umbrella Pack within the Taylor School District, CCAI, The Duffle Bag Project, Isaiah 117 House Lynchburg, Judson Center, MDHHS, New Hope Initiative, and more involvement in other nearby school districts. We are excited for what the rest of the year will bring!

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Special thank you to all of our sponsors who made this event possible!

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