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     Christy DePriest Wright:

          The Heart Behind Christy's Legacy of Hope

About Christy

      Christy Lynn DePriest Wright was born into her earthly father’s arms on May 24, 1985.  Approximately 24 years later, Christy entered into her Heavenly Father’s arms on May 6, 2010.  Christy was born into a wonderful Christian family.  When asked what her family was like growing up                                                                    she would comment “it was perfect”.  Christy’s childhood was like any other Midwestern girl’s life.                                                                     She enjoyed cheerleading, music, swimming, and eating ice cream.  Growing up she learned about                                                                   values, ethics, and morality.  However, it wasn’t until the age of 13 when her family changed                                                                           churches that Christy’s life took a divine turn.  After stumbling across a rather convincing article in                                                                     Life magazine one day, she began to look at life differently.  This article influenced her so much that                                                                 she decided to incorporate it with a school project during the eighth grade.  Her task was to write an                                                                 essay on what she would do to make the world a better place; (both articles can be found under the                                                                 inspiration link).  beginning a new worldview of helping others and standing for truth.  As her family                                                                 continued to attend their new church, Christy continually went to her youth group and felt a deep                                                                     calling and hunger for missions.  This passion would only continue to grow as she attended a                                                                           mission’s trip to the Bahamas during high school.  This trip, along with her strong upbringing and                                                                     constant desire to please her creator, allowed her to stand strong in her faith through her high school                                                               years.  She often commented on how tough it was at times but knew it was the right thing to do.  Her                                                               classmates eventually understood that Christy was different from the normal teenager.  She stood for truth, morality, and eternal significance.  She would be the first to admit she was not perfect, however, her intensions were always pure and from the heart.  Her peers eventually respected Christy for her differences and even voted her prom queen during her senior year in high school.

             After graduating high school, Christy chose to attend Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.  Once there her passion for missions grew rapidly.  Soon after attending Liberty she felt another big push to attend a teaching trip to China. 

This trip not only cemented her love and passion for that country but increased her desire to someday leave

the comforts of the United States and directly impact the lives of orphaned children in eastern Asia.  At

approximately the same time God was impacting Christy’s life and future he was provided direction to another

individual 500 miles to the south.  His name,  Corey Wright (for those that understand last names…you can see

where this story is going).  Once returning from China and doing a youth pastor internship for the summer,

Corey attended Liberty in the fall of 2006.  Through a mutual friend, Corey and Christy’s lives crossed paths. 

Their conversations were filled with deep, wonderful thought of missions, eastern Asia, orphanages, and

reaching the lost.  Christy often referred to their new relationship as a fairy tale.  It was clearly the work of a

higher power that led them to each other.  Within 5 months of meeting each other Corey popped the question

(actually in Chinese) and in July of 2007 they were married.  After they were wed they both pursued their

Masters degrees through Liberty.  It was fitting that they move back to Lynchburg, Virginia and purchase a

home where they would start a life together.   Once degrees were completed in May of 2010, the plan was to sprint off the graduation field and head for the airport to China.

On December 26th 2009, Christy developed terrible abdominal pain and was rushed to the hospital.  It was there the doctors found multiple tumors on many of Christy’s vital organs.  After being transferred to the University of Virginia Hospital, the doctors finally diagnosed her with a rare form of cancer.  The doctors told Christy from the very beginning that there was very little hope with her disease to be cured.                                                                       However, that never stopped her from waking up every morning with a smile on her face and a                                                                 determination that was rock solid.  It was because of her determination, smile, attitude, and                                                                      faith that kept all involved moving forward.  Inevitably, the morning came when the doctors told                                                                Corey and her mom, Karen, that treatment was no longer working.  Upon entering her hospital                                                                   room and explaining to Christy what her options were and knowing the prognosis, without                                                                         skipping a beat, she smiled and look at both Corey and Karen and said “You mean I get to go to                                                                 heaven now!”  After a bittersweet moment of laughter, tears, and final goodbyes, Christy entered                                                              into eternal bliss in Heaven.


                                                               Over the course of the next several days God’s faithfulness continued to prevail.  Christy’s life had     truly impacted more than most knew.  There were no funeral homes big enough that could handle the mass crowd of people that came for their earthly goodbyes.  Her viewing and service were held at the same church that started her passion and vision, the same church that she was married at and the same church that provided guidance through her teenage years.


Christy’s goal in life was to leave a legacy that pointed towards her Heavenly Father.  She wanted people to remember her because of what she did for Him.  Christy’s family started Christy’s Legacy of Hope approximately one year after her departure to continue her vision, passion, and commitment to orphans throughout the world.

Inspiration Behind Christy's Legacy of Hope

Little Boy Lost

You’d better not care about it,” a Chinese official advised them. A group of

Americans had discovered this beautiful baby boy on a path by the side of

the road. Many infants (just how many is unknown) are abandoned in

China, a nation unable to provide for the 13 million children born each

year. How can countless Chinese-as compassionate a people as any on

earth-pass such babies without pausing?

Most abandoned babies are thought to be infants with birth defects, or

girls (Chinese custom holds boys responsible for their parents in old age).

The government blames parents with “feudal ideas”; human rights

advocates blame the government’s One Couple, One Child policy.

This child suffering from pneumonia and a deformed heart, was taken to a hospital, where staff seemed surprised and amused by the American’s concern. “You should have left it where it was,” they said.
A day later, another baby was found in the same spot pictured here. The following day, this anonymous child quietly died.


Life magazine Sept 1997. By Jeff Abelin

What I Would Do Now to Make the World A Better Place

I would begin making my world a better place now by informing people in and around my community of how young lives in China are being destroyed. I would begin this mission first by telling members of my church to pray, writing editorials in local and school newspapers, and sharing this story with as many people as my voice is able to reach.
After reading an article one day. I had a sadness in my heart that will not leave my mind lying in the middle of the two pages or a magazine I was browsing through, was a baby boy. He was left alongside a path just off a small road in the very                 populated country of China. The child was discovered by a group of  Americans. The boy was suffering from pneumonia and a deformed heart. Returning to the same location, the Americans discovered another baby where it died on day later. How many other babies have been left abandoned to die a slow, lonely death? In this country the population continues to increase by 13 million children born yearly. The government has issued a law to only allow couples 1 to 2 children. This law is known to the Chinese as the One Couple, One Child Policy law. This is to keep the population from increasing to reduce the risk of famine.
It is also a custom in China that the boys are responsible for their aging parents. There is no for of social security available to the people that can no longer work. If a girl is born or a baby with birth defects (as in the case of the baby found by the road), the child may be abandoned and left to die in hopes of begin able to later bare a son. Another pitiful element in this saga is how babies are aborted even at a late stage in pregnancies for the reason of disobeying the One Couple, One Child policy law. Birth control is strongly advised but is not always an effective method.


How painful for the parents of these babies to live the rest of their lives in guilt knowing they had to destroy a precious life because of a law. How fortunate we are in the United States not to have to live in such a way. It is God’s plan as to how our families are to be made up. Morally and ethically, people should not be making these decisions.
I would like to make my world a better place now by letting these people know that it would not be a disgrace to let people from other countries adopt these fragile, little lives. It has been successfully done in many countries. Maybe if I am able to make others aware of this crisis and we pray about it, we can make a difference.
It is my dream that through our prayers and our voices, we will be heard and can make a difference to change such a heart wrenching situation. Because I have been loved unconditionally, I will strive to accomplish this mission. Let us give the Chinese a choice…not a policy.

​Christy DePriest, Eighth Grade
Hoover Middle School
Taylor, Michigan

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